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About Us

Our Origin Story

Paul W. Holjes is a financial advisor who started his career in 1998 at New York Life Insurance Company, after learning the basics on providing outstanding client services Paul joined Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and specialized in high net worth money management solutions and estate planning. In May 2012, in order to provide a better client experience Paul decided to leave the corporate world and opened his independent practice called Peak Mountain Advisors. Since then, Peak Mountain has serviced clients from all over the country with all types of financial needs. If we aren’t experts in a subject we research and evaluate until we are. By doing this we have become the leader in complex financial situations for our clients over the years. This type of business has also created and cultivated high quality relationships with other Accounting, Legal and Financial professionals from all over. Our goal is to continue servicing our clients in the same way we always have while simultaneously creating new relationships that also need our expertise in their complex financial situations.

About Peak Mountain Advisors

Peak Mountain Advisors is an independent wealth management firm on Main Street in Hartford, Connecticut. Founded by Paul W. Holjes in 2012, Peak Mountain has found a niche in helping clients with complex financial situations such as; estate planning, tax strategies, retirement planning , investing, economic analysis and emotional and professional support for life altering events.

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